Dulux AcraTex has introduced a new lightweight walling system that allows specifiers and architects more flexibility at project design stage compared to conventional systems. AcraTex is a pioneer in the use of EIFS systems, designing and installing lightweight cladding systems specifically for insulation benefits as originally pioneered in Europe.

The new Exsulite thermal facade system by Dulux AcraTex offers surveyors, builders and their clients a fully certified BCA compliant polystyrene facade system incorporating the best practices and materials used by top installers and renderers in the construction industry. The Exsulite system also offers a fully integrated wall cladding solution from a single trusted supplier, providing everything from breathable wall wrap and polystyrene panels to the weatherproofing finish.

Suitable for both residential and multi-residential projects, Exsulite offers cavity as well as non-cavity systems, and can also be installed as a remedial facade system for renovation projects when used as a direct fix system.

Key advantages of Exsulite thermal facade system include easy installation leading to faster construction times, reducing the time required for scaffolding on site and to reach lockup and completion stage; high insulation performance; slimline facade providing developers with more internal space to sell; excellent moisture management; pest resistance; and acoustic properties. Exsulite also passes BAL 29 bushfire attack levels.

Setting the standard in exterior cladding, Exsulite is a fully integrated system from a single trusted supplier and is only installed by a trained and registered installer network, offering job registration, QA processes, certificate of installation upon completion; and project warranty for total confidence.

Dulux AcraTex has the performance coating solution to deliver long-term weatherproofing of the building envelope.