The range of texture coating finishes offered by Dulux AcraTex includes texture coating bag finish, texture coating roll on, texture coating trowel on, texture coating spray on, texture coating stone finishes, membranes, AcraShield and top coats.

Prior to applying these finishes, Dulux AcraTex recommends that the surfaces be cleaned and prepared appropriately with tilt wash, prep treat, render wall, high build render, solvent based sealer or roof primer as required. The above mentioned preparation products are also available from Dulux AcraTex.

Among the bag finish products of Dulux AcraTex, the Contempo Advance (coarse), is a formulation which inhibits moisture passage. The roll on coating for high rise buildings from Dulux AcraTex comes in granular and non granular formulations.

Some trowel on coating products from Dulux AcraTex are designed to create the effect of a small elegant scratch. The spray on product from Dulux AcraTex needs to be applied with a texture spray. The stone finishes from Dulux AcraTex reproduce the look of natural stone and can be applied simply and quickly.

Dulux AcraTex also supplies membranes and top coats of various types.