Dry-Treat’s  Stain-Proof sealant was chosen to seal the highly porous red brick paved surfaces of the award winning Nirvana Health Spa in the UK for 2 important reasons:

  • Stain-Proof’s permanent protection would withstand the spa’s stringent cleaning regime.
  • Stain-Proof maintains the slip resistance of the treated surfaces when wet, ensuring high safety standards for the star studded clientele and hardworking staff.

The specially engineered molecules in Stain-Proof penetrate deeply and bond permanently inside the pores of the material.

As many impregnating (penetrating) sealers actually sit partially on the surface of the material, this micro-film can negatively affect the slip resistance of the surface when wet, almost like a plastic film.

As Stain-Proof works from inside the pores of the material and does not form a coating or even a micro film on the surface, the slip resistance of the surface remains unaffected.

Also, Stain-Proof’s permanent barrier of protection is deep enough to not only protect against staining, but also against other serious types of damage such as salt efflorescence, water damage and alkali silica reaction.

The highly porous surface was sealed with two coats of Stain-Proof by accredited Dry-Treat applicator really safe flooring, giving Nirvana Spa proven long term protection.