Meta Crème, available in Australia from Dry-Treat , is an environmentally friendly impregnating sealer that is used to protect natural stone, tiles, paving, bricks concrete and grout.

Meta Crème impregnating sealers are the next generation of sealing technology and were created by Dry-Treat. Meta Crème sealers meet strict carbon emissions (VOC) standards from around the world, including: The LEED standard created by the USA, UK and World Green Building Councils and EU VOC Directives 2004/42/CE and 1999/13/EC.

The specially engineered sealing molecules are hundreds of times smaller than those in other impregnating sealers, and even penetrate deeply into the pores of dense materials such as granite. Meta Crème impregnating sealers then bond inside the pores by a process of chemical reaction and become a permanent part of the material without affecting its breathability.

Impregnating sealers create a deep, permanent water and oil repelling barrier inside the treated material, providing quality stain protection. The deep barrier created by the sealer also keeps water with dissolved minerals and impurities well away from the visible surface. This protects against common forms of damage, including salt efflorescence, picture framing, spalling and freeze-thaw damage.

Meta Crème’s revolutionary cream formula is non drip, especially important for vertical surfaces, and is low odor. The impregnating sealer is easy to apply, one coat with a foam paint roller and is permanent solution. A 15 year performance warranty certificate is available when Meta Crème impregnating sealer is applied by a Dry-Treat Accredited Applicator.

The small DIY Meta Crème sealer packs are award winning low carbon footprint foil packaging and using a fraction of the plastic of traditional containers. The packaging of the impregnating sealer also uses a fraction of the energy to transport the empty packaging to the factory for filling.

All Meta Crème packaging is recyclable.