Dry-Treat’s  Stain-Proof, an Australian sealer, was able to meet all requirementsand win the contract for sealing the restaurant of the El Dorado Golf & Beach Club on the Sea of Cortez, Mexico.

Stain-Proof contains specially engineered molecules that penetrate deeply and form permanent chemical bonds inside the material, without affecting its breathe-ability.

Therefore Stain-Proof lasts longer than other impregnators, does not require the use of special cleaners and can even stand up to high pressure hosing and commercial scrubbing machines. The sealing was performed by a Dry-Treat accredited applicator.

Due to El Dorado’s proximity to the beach, Stain-Proof was also used on the external floors to minimise the effects of humidity and salt efflorescence, as well as staining from body oils, food and beverages on the highly porous laja stone.

“We are very pleased with the appearance of the restaurant and the improved ease of maintenance of the floors”, says Bo Leonard, Vice President of Development, Discovery Land Company, which built the resort.