Dry-Treat’s  Stain-Proof, an Australian product, has been used to seal the terrazzo of Anden station, a busy metro station in Barcelona.

Stain-Proof was the ideal sealer able to comply with Barcelona’s Metro Council stringent quality and safety specification as it does not alter the slip resistance of the sealed surface.

Stain-Proof contains specially engineered molecules that penetrate deeply and form permanent chemical bonds inside the material.

Therefore, as Stain-Proof works from inside the material, it is able to maintain, and not alter, the slip resistance.

Independent testing by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) has also shown that Stain-Proof has a negligible effect on the slip resistance of a surface.

Stain-Proof was also used to minimise the effects of graffiti, humidity and salt efflorescence on the train station, as well as strong alkaline liquids that are used for commercial cleaning.

Stain-Proof lasts longer than other impregnators and the terrazzo can be routinely maintained without the use of special equipment or chemicals. The sealing was performed by a Dry-Treat accredited applicator.