The Dragon Group is supporting a new campaign by the NSW Government in partnership with Triple M Radio on fatigue awareness for tradespeople on the go. The objective of the campaign is to raise awareness about the perils of work-related fatigue and help reduce road accidents that may be caused by tired tradies at the wheel.

Fatigue is known to be one of the three biggest killers on NSW roads, with accidents caused by exhausted drivers falling asleep at the wheel. In 2012, more people died from fatigue related crashes in NSW than from drunk driving. Fatigue can impair reaction time and decision-making behind the wheel; when a driver falls asleep for just four seconds, the car travelling at 100km/h would have gone forward 111 metres without the driver controlling it.

The special fatigue awareness campaign provides advice to tradies on good road practices including avoiding driving after midnight; ensuring a good night’s sleep (7-8 hours per night); pulling over frequently to rest; and share-driving with others where possible.

The Triple M Rock Patrol Relax Station was set up at one of Dragon’s sites, Midson Construction in Pymble where the tradies were treated to a well-deserved rest and massage along with snacks, drinks, merchandise and information on fatigue. The feedback from the Midson tradies was excellent.

Dragon looks forward to supporting Triple M in future campaigns on fatigue awareness.