Carpenters and gyprockers from Dragon Labour Hire were hired by Cassin & Sons for a radiology fitout project being executed for their client, Medscan in Barangaroo.

The Dragon team recently met up with Gary McPherson of Cassin & Sons to award him their Site Manager of the Month Certificate for his efforts. The project began about eight weeks ago in a brand new building constructed to high standards, with the workers given an empty shell to get started.

Medscan is installing Australia’s first Siemens Flash CT with Stellar detectors at Barangaroo's brand new medical imaging centre. Used at various global Centres of Excellence including Johns Hopkins and The Mayo Clinic in the USA, the highly advanced CT equipment provides excellent image detail at the lowest possible patient radiation dose.

Cassin’s Gary McPherson is very happy with the labour support provided by the Dragon team for the project.

Image: Barangaroo's new medical imaging centre