Daniel Clarke is a 17 year old Australian born with Cerebral Palsy. Despite his difficulties, he has proven to be a strong and independent individual, even raising over $700,000 in funds to save the Orangutans in Borneo and Sumatra with his brother – conservation efforts formally recognised by US President Barack Obama.

But Clarke cannot walk, and living in a two storey home, was unable to get his wheelchair up the stairs. He also had to crawl or rely on his parents to carry him if he wanted to get around.

He decided to contact Channel Nine’s A Current Affair asking for funding for a walker, and help in making his home more liveable.

When the team at A Current Affair met Clarke and his family, they realised that providing a walker and knocking down a few walls was not going to be good enough.

“Due to Daniel’s medical bills his family has struggled financially and their family home is in dire need of repairs,” said A Current Affair Producer, Lisa Brown, in a letter to buildBITS partners.

“We decided to gift them a makeover.”

Channel Nine decided to redesign and renovate the family home over a long weekend to accommodate Clarke’s needs. On this end, 35 companies responded to the team’s call for help, with Dragon Labour Hire volunteering to provide labour for an extensive deck/veranda renovation.

The makeover has since drastically improved the lives of both Clarke and his family.

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