The Universal Fence Fitting System from Downee  is ideal for unusual or difficult shaped enclosures and is ideal for use on areas such as
sports ovals and tennis courts. 

Downee Universal Fence Fitting System uses a combination of two types of pressing, any type, size and joint configuration
can be easily constructed. Two or more rails can be connected using the Multi Purpose Connector that is the key to The Universal Fence
Fitting System from Downee and prevents the need for pipe bending.

It also uses the standard corners and a number of special joint requirements including an integral stay arrangement.


  • Rail Clamp – Attaches to Post Clamp Ear and can be adjusted vertically from 30º-150º
  • Multi-Purpose Connector:
  1. Multi staying posts
  2. Corner Struts
  3. Raked Fences
  4. Add on fencing solutions
  • Rail Clamps – adjustable with 45º of each rail clamp
  • Post Clamp Bar – is hidden by the 1st rail clamp

More information on The Universal Fence Fitting System from Downee can be found on their website.