The MHouse range was established by one of the world’s largest manufacturers of gate and door operators so as to meet all of the challenges posed by commercial operators when applied to the domestic market.

One of the main objectives for MHouse was to maintain the Industrial strength of its motors but apply easy to use electronics with intelligent programming. What this means to the building industry is that installers can easily learn to program and repair operators with
simple plug-in controllers.

Being a low voltage unit allows the installer to eliminate the risks of the higher voltage operators and minimises the need for qualified electricians.

Battery backup options eliminate the inconvenience of power failure and MHouse's belt drive garage door operator is a quiet option on the market.

The MHouse range can easily be integrated to operate existing units driving other openings on site and boasts unique control options for lighting and watering systems allowing a fully automated site at the touch of a button.

Distributed in Australia by Downee ,  Downee's in-house training means that contractors looking to diversify their business can arrange to be trained at no cost to them in gate and garage door automation. Downee also has a 24hr, 1800 number for on-site technical backup service.