The gravity range of gate latches from Downee has numerous options to suit a variety of applications.

Easily installed, gravity gate latches have been built to Downee’s stringent standards. They are robust and designed with safety as the highest priority, allowing users to close their gate with confidence.

The single-sided gravity gate latch (DPG100) is suitable for use with metal or wood gates and for right or left handed gate installations. The 5 pin lock is re-keyable to other household doors while the 60 mm long striker bolt allows for gaps ranging from 10mm to 45mm. The striker is adjustable vertically.

The double sided gravity gate latch models DPG200 and DPG300 are suitable for use with metal or wood swimming pool gates. The 5 pin lock is re-keyable on both sides to other household doors. The strong and adjustable striker bolt measures 60mm and allows for gaps in the gate measuring 12mm to 40mm. These gravity latch locks are suitable for use on posts measuring 50mm to 125mm and can also be used for left and right handed gates.