Dowin Australia has designed and manufactured their most versatile LED lights yet. Two wires UL LED rope lights are extendable and can be used in a number of applications, both indoors and outdoors, and in residential, commercial and industrial buildings. The high performance lights feature a full manufacturers warranty against poor workmanship and materials, and are designed to be long lasting.

Uses include:

  • Video backgrounds
  • Disco decorations
  • Tourism decorations
  • Building outlines
  • Construction of large light signs
  • Advertising

LED rope lights feature an input of AC120V and 60HZ. The construction is simple and a power plug is attached to a female connector by a wire. Additional wires are available with male and female connectors secured to each end to create a chain of lights, and is finished with an end segment and cap.

Dowin Australia has an excellent reputation for providing high quality LED lighting products, designing, manufacturing and distributing all products internally to ensure quality control.