Leader in general LED lighting applications, Dowin Australia , provides high quality dimmable LED lights that fully comply with Australian lighting standards.

Directly linked to the laboratories and research facilities in one of Australia's prestige universities, Dowin-Australia's background in the research and design of LED lighting systems, thermal management systems, optical design, and LED power drives are leading the market.

Dowin Australia dimmable LED lighting systems has been tested and evaluated by different groups of engineers leading the way in sustainability. These groups of engineers are very satisfied with the full dimming function of these LED lights. Dowin-Australia's dimmable LED lighting systems can work well with C-bus, Dynalite, and HPM systems.

Dowin Australia's LED lighting systems are best used in office buildings, retail shopping centers, factories, hotels, pubs and clubs, and with years of warranty, there is no need to worry about Dowin-Australia's LED lighting systems in the next twenty years.