Dotmar Engineering Plastics  is a specialist in offering engineering plastics for various applications. The engineering plastics products from Dotmar EPP include polyethylene (PE) – polystone, polyslide systems, acetal – ertacetal, poltester PETP and nylon.

Polystone from Dotmar Engineering Plastics is a semi-crystalline polyethylene, which is light, self lubricating, resistant to abrasion and do not absorb water.

Some of the engineering nylons supplied by Dotmar Engineering Plastics include ertalon 6SA, Erthalon 66SA, Erthalon LFX, Erthalon 4.6, Erthalon 6PLA, nylatron GSM, nylatron sprockets and nylon gears. These nylon products are ideal for gears, wear pads, buffer pads, support and guide wheels.

The polyester PETP plastic product from Dotmar Engineering Plastics includes ertalyte, ertalyte TX which is suitable for applications including slideways, pump components, thrust washers, precision gears and bearings.

Ertacetal C is the Acetal plastic product offered by Dotmar Engineering Plastics which is a porosity free acetal product. This plastic is a semi crystalline material which has a low coefficient of friction, zero moisture absorption and a good load bearing property. Ertacetal C is ideal for snap fit assemblies, bearing with close tolerance and precision gears.

Polyslide system from Dotmar Engineering Plastics has a wide range of products including polyslide chain track system, polystone ultra-extruded profiles, murtfeldt span box and polyslide tables. These plastics are used in conveying, power transmission and elevating in materials handling applications.