D O Smith & Sons Pty Ltd  offers a large range of windproof ashtrays including wall and floor mounted ashtrays, table ashtrays and freestanding ashtrays, that suit a variety of wind prone areas.

Outdoor environments, such as outside buildings, outdoor smoking areas, restaurant smoking areas and streets require windproof ashtrays to prevent ash and cigarette butts from blowing into streets, parks or building areas. Wind blown butts can also be harmful to the environment. 

Windproof ashtrays feature a fully enclosed liner, to prevent ash from escaping, a secure wall mount bracket and a security device to prevent theft of the liner.

Freestanding windproof ashtrays feature a heavy base that will prevent the outdoor ashtrays from toppling in a windy environment. Although heavy, the base of the freestanding windproof ashtrays is light enough to allow the ashtray to be moved from time to time.

Windproof ashtrays are an essential part of a company’s litter management program. Model CA2, HDA60 and HDA50 ashtrays are effective exterior windproof ashtrays.

Local authorities may impose penalties for not supplying adequate windproof ashtrays in certain situations.