Independent counts conducted by the city of Sydney show more people are opting to cycle within the CBD.

The study shows an 89% increase in the overall number of people riding bikes over the past two-and-a-half years.

As many as 2000 people are choosing to ride on the bike routes around the city on an average weekday.

Lord Mayor Clover Moore said the latest figures confirm Sydneysiders are happy with the form of transport and the next task is to expand the network of safe, separated cycleways.

“The City is ready to invest in this important infrastructure because we know from experience that people are choosing bike riding as a valid transport option and if they have safe, attractive infrastructure they will use it.”

With more people choosing to cycle, and with a possible increase in infrastructure, there also needs to be places cyclers can lock their bikes in between use.

DO Smith offers an extensive range of bike racks for public spaces so peddlers can secure their transportation.

The B002 Bike Rack will secure bicycles of all sizes by utilising semi-circular tyre grips. They can be placed in continuous lengths to suit any number of bicycles. It is manufactured from heavy duty mild steel and finished with a hot dip galvanised finish, with optional powdercoat coloured finishes.

With a practical tubular design, the B003 Bike Rack allows easy access for bikes and secures bicycle parking for all sizes. It is made of durable stainless steel and ideal for public areas such as education facilities, shopping centres, railway and bus stations, and park and recreational areas.

Along the same lines, there is the B004 Bike Rack, which has a smaller profile and is rectangular in shape, while the B005 Hoop Bike Rack is square in shape. Lastly, there is the B006 Loop Bike Rack, which has a straight edge and the other curved.