The Porteo is a door opening system. Porteo functions to open doors automatically, quietly and effortlessly. Compact in design the Porteo door system is a plug and go unit that is simple to install and use. The Porteo door system from DORMA Australia has been technically engineered to deliver total door opening and closing ease. The Porteo can has been designed to adapt to individual needs.

Aesthetically pleasing the Porteo automatic door opener has been specifically designed in a cubic shape, with inboard-perforated plate end caps. Also Porteo automatic door opening system can be operated using a range of accessories, for a hand held remote control.

The main features and benefits of the Porteo door system from DORMA include:

  • PowerLess: The user opens the door effortlessly then closes the automatically in accordance to the cutomised door-open time.
  • Push&Go: A slight push of just three degree will make a Porteo fitted door automatically open.
  • PowerMotion: An electric strike integrated in the doorframe combined with a manual pushbutton or hand-held transmitter sends signals for the door to automatically open.
  • PermanentOpen: Porteo will hold the door open for as long as is required. This mode can be switched on or off according to the users preference.