In a high security environment, more attention is paid to the detail of internal fixtures and fittings.

After all, highly motivated criminals who have nothing except time on their hands can find illicit uses for the most harmless-looking items.

This is why Architects’ Phillips Smith Conwell leave nothing to chance when specifying products.

As such, Phillips Smith Conwell Architects have chosen Dorma’s door control products for recent and current projects such as the Christmas Island Detention Centre and Townsville’s Men and Women’s prisons.

Ross Carseldine, Director at the Queensland-based architectural practice, stresses the importance of appropriate selection of fittings: “If a product can be mis-used i.e. provide a hiding place for contraband, or transformed into a weapon, then this can result in a life or death situation.

“We have to consider the worst case scenario,” explains Ross Carseldine. “As such, we rigorously review door control products so that any risk of criminal activity associated with them is minimised.”

Dorma’s TS92 Contur Design Cam Action Closers and the RTS 85 Transom concealed door closers have been specified for use in the public, staff and some prisoner areas for both Townsville prisons.

A non-standard, tamper-proof cover has also been designed by Dorma specifically for this project. “This fully welded, stainless steel door control cover is held in place with security fixings, making it virtually indestructible,” says Ross Carseldine.

It is envisaged that this robust cover will be applied on all door control fittings for added security.

Dorma’s TS92 Contur Design Cam Action Closers and the RTS 85 Transom concealed door closers are recognised for their durability and robustness, yet are discreet in appearance – and importantly, do not provide a hanging point in the way a scissor arm closer could do.

The RTS 85 disappears into the door frame, concealing its presence completely, while the TS 92 boasts a compact, low profile design, belying its hardwearing quality.

The $200m + projects comprising the 154 bed Townsville Women’s Correctional Centre and the refurbishment of the Men’s Townsville Correctional Centre, are due to be completed in the latter half of 2008.

“Dorma’s door control range is known for being reliable and robust. Obviously, these qualities are essential for us - we simply can’t make any mistakes when specifying for these types of high security environments,” concludes Ross Carseldine.