The teaching facility in the new Health and Wellness Building at Edith Cowan University in Joondalup, Western Australia features DORMA 's movable walls to facilitate learning.

The $36m building, completed in August, optimises space due to DORMA’s Modernfold walls. The rooms can be configured and re-arranged to portray a number of different layouts and simulated environments, such as a ward or theatre, allowing students to practice their nursing skills in a realistic setting.

Through consultation with the University, architects Hames Sharley and builders BGC Construction, the design criteria outlined the operable walls to be simple and safe to operate – particularly as the walls would be used frequently and by different members of staff.

Modernfold 932ES electric operable walls were used for the construction project. The movable walls can be automatically extended or retracted by simply turning a key, there is no physical lifting or pushing required. Because the walls are operated automatically, the risk of personal injury or damage to the wall through incorrect use is minimised. The walls’ intrinsic technology facilitates a long lasting and reliable performance.