There can be no room for error in a pharmaceutical environment, where every effort must be taken to maintain hygienically clean standards. Consistent temperature control is essential as is monitoring air pressure levels.

To help facilitate this, DORMA Australia have been responsible for suppling and servicing of multiple automatic and swing doors within GlaxoSmithKline’s consumer healthcare manufacturing facility.

Renovation work on the 40 year old GlaxoSmithKline’s building has been ongoing for the past three years, with 75 percent of the work now complete.

As the renovation nears its final stages, DORMA Automatics, a division of DORMA Australia, are now replacing the old doors that they originally installed 20 years ago, with new ones.

It is imperative that as each door is upgraded, it complies with certain safety aspects of the new Australian Standards including PE safety beams, fail-safe function and a UPS battery backup.

The EL301 automatic doors and ED 2000 swing door operators from DORMA Australia were selected for the project.

The EL301innovative system uses a positive vacuum airlock system, which can depressurise the room to sterilise the air before an employee moves into the next room, preventing cross contamination between different production zones.

DORMA Australia’s ED200 swing doors are heavy-duty operators that can automate doors up to 250kg, making them suitable for high traffic areas. The swing doors offer a number of safety and security options.

In addition to reliability and functionality of product, DORMA Automatics were chosen for this project because of their track record and service agreement. All internal doors are serviced by DORMA Australia.

Door service is done on a rotation of five doors per week. This ensures that all door sealsare maintained and that the integrity of the doors are upheld.