A movable wall is in action at the hi-tech offices of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) in Victoria.

The 10m x 3m electrically operated glass movable wall features framed glass panels each incorporating two sheets of glass between which an LCD film is sandwiched. This film is able to transform from clear to opaque at the flick of a switch – it even enables staff to project data on to the super-size screen from a PC or digital input.

For security-conscious ITS – who facilitates the development and deployment of advanced technologies for air, sea, road and rail – the dual-purpose wall meets their needs perfectly.

John Kueter, General Manager at DORMA Modernfold explains: “One of the rooms divided by the wall houses state-of-the-art communication technology linking Australia’s transport infrastructure. If ITS need to react quickly to an urgent transport situation, they’re able to create a secure, cordoned off area with the movable wall.”

The futuristic movable wall was designed at DORMA Modernfold’s manufacturing plant in Canberra.

“This demonstrates our attitude of doing whatever it takes to meet clients’ needs,” explains John Kueter. “No other movable wall supplier was able to supply an effective solution.”