The EL 301 automatic door system, available from DORMA , has been installed at the entranceway and the 90 internal glass doorways within the 40 storey building, Westpac Place.

This sliding door operator controls three automatic glass airlock systems at the main entrance of the Westpac headquarters, providing safe access to the bank’s staff and its many visitors.

This is connected to a building management network, which automatically locks down at a pre-determined time each night and allows only authorised people, providing unsurpassed security for the building.

Danny De Sousa, Facility Manager at Westpac Place, highlights the importance of security monitoring for this large banking corporation: “It’s critical that the secure areas – where access is only permitted via a swipecard – remain protected at all times.”

“Basically, the automatic door systems have to be completely reliable, which DORMA’s products have proved to be since being installed nearly two years ago.”

Australian designed and manufactured, the 01 Series from DORMA boasts the most efficient opening and closing torque in the marketplace, and provides good security and monitoring features.

DORMA’s Technical and Cross- Divisional Support, Dave Fehlberg, was part of the NSW Sales operation, who played a major role in organising the job from the outset.

“Westpac Place was definitely challenging and one of the largest we’ve undertaken, but the end result is superb,” Dave Fehlberg says.

Other companies that worked with DORMA in finishing this building include Leightons Contractors, Hassell Architects, and fabrication companies: Sky Dome Sky Light Systems, McLeod Aluminium, and Cubic Interiors.