The RED DOT Design Award competition has repeatedly selected DORMA products as being best in class, with every division receiving a design award for product(s) over the last few years.

The international competition ranks among huge and distinguished design contests in the world. Each year an international jury reviews and evaluates the submitted products according to criteria such as degree of innovation, functionality and quality.

The numbers speak for themselves: the awards attracted almost 6,000 submissions from 52 countries in 2006 alone. Up against major international companies, DORMA held its own with several products from across its divisions chosen as winners.

Some of the recent prize-winning products from DORMA include:

  • PHA 2500 Panic Hardware – a crossbar emergency exit device with integrated panic lock.
  • PHA 2500 Panic Hardware combines style with technical details: it has no visible fixings; is designed for single and double tubular frames, as well as timber doors; has a low projection; and an electronic cylinder combined with a mechanical knob
  • Contur design series which applies to the TS91, TS92, TS93 door closers and systems
  • CD 80 – a compact swing door operator with minimal dimensions and weight, yet has a good wide range of applications, from push and go, power assist and extended hold-open
  • Several products from DORMA’s superior Glas MANET range including MANET Ambient, MANET

Construct and ACROS

Professor Peter Zec, initiator of the RED DOT Design Award and President of the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (Icsid), says: “Many of the companies that participate in the RED DOT Design Award have long recognized the importance of innovation and design as a means of differentiating their activities from those of their competitors – and of communicating their brand values.”

He continues: “Creativity alone is not sufficient; the products also have to exhibit a high level of intrinsic quality with the styling serving to communicate this quality.”

DORMA’s Regional Manager Australasia, Michael Smith, says: “This official hallmark proves DORMA remains at the cutting edge of our industry, producing top quality functional goods that are the best on the market.”