In response to DORMA’s increasing presence in the South Australian state, largely driven by Michael Richards (DORMA’s South Australia / Northern Territory Sales Manager), and the opportunities available, DORMA have now opened a new office, expanded the team, and become even busier with new projects underway.

Joining Michael Richards in the newly created role of Architectural Representative is Maurice Ciccozzi. Maurice Ciccozz is widely respected in the industry, having worked previously at a distributor and access solutions supplier. He offers a complete specification and door schedule service to architects and designers including door controls, automatic doors, glass door accessories and movable walls.

For Maurice Ciccozz, the decision to join DORMA was an easy one. He says, “The company has a fantastic reputation in the market. It’s known for providing quality, well-engineered products and is often regarded as setting the benchmark that others follow.”

He also appreciates that DORMA are manufacturers (rather than distributors). “As we manufacture our own products, I have access to information that can help customers’ decision-making.”

For example, Maurice Ciccozz will be up to speed on the release of new designs, delivery schedules, product benchmarking and modifications for unique solutions, and much more.

Another attraction for Maurice Ciccozz is DORMA’s multi-product offering. “There is no other supplier that matches DORMA when it comes to our cross-divisional range. This incorporates automatic doors, door controls, movable walls, service, and glass fittings and fixtures.”

Despite the current global uncertainty, Maurice Ciccozz is optimistic about business in his neck of the woods. “It’s been very buoyant recently, without much sign of slowing down. There are some exciting projects underway that we’re involved with.”

In the past few months, DORMA’s products have been installed into several high profile building projects including the head offices for South Australia Water and The Adelaide Show grounds, while DORMA’s cam action closers and panic exit hardware facilitate safe access and egress at the Darwin Convention Centre.