DORMA has released EL301 automatic door. Featuring innovative Smart Lock technology, the SCEC-endorsed automatic door operators have been installed at Adelaide’s International Airport, Melbourne’s unique Southern Cross Station and the Royal Melbourne Hospital which incorporated the EL301 into an innovative positive vacuum airlock system.

In Brisbane the EL301 is leading the way into major projects such as the Suncorp Metway fit-out in the $300m Brisbane Square development and the impressive $120m Millennium Arts Precinct.

Launched this year, after extensive research and development, the DORMA EL301 has been purpose-designed for local conditions.

The Australian-built product which replaces DORMA’s EL300, offers a host of security benefits, including Smart Lock technology, which enables the door to be locked in any position.

DORMA’s 01 series of automatic door operators which feature a powerful, high torque motor on the market and have been built to operate automatic doors of up to 400kgs offer good locking integrity with a fully enclosed lock and digital encoder.

When activated, the lock engages the motor shaft which transfers through the gearbox and 1950 kg tensile-strength chain to ensure maximum protection against intruders.

Fitted with numerous customer warning alarms that strengthen your building's safety and security, the EL301 also has a fully-integrated UPS system which allows continuous operation utilising battery back-up in the case of power failure.

The EL301 easily interfaces with card readers, keypads, biometric readers, proximity sensors and access control systems and allows connectivity to Building Management Systems and security monitoring devices.

Those security features are further enhanced by the EL301’s robust design and construction.

DORMA is also on the verge of releasing an Electronic Mode Pad which can be security coded and will make the operation and servicing of the EL301 even easier with climate control activation, people counting functions and self-diagnosing feedback.