In today’s competitive retail environment you do not get a second chance to make a first impression.

That’s why it is so important that the entrance to your retail outlet not only looks appealing to customers but also ticks all the boxes in terms of accessibility, reliability and security.

And it is why 7 Eleven’s National Construction Manager, Geoff Fagan, specifies DORMA automatic sliding doors.

Responsible for the design and construction of 7 Eleven’s stores and service stations - currently there are 365 of them along Australia’s eastern seaboard - Geoff says DORMA’s market-leading EL301 automatic doors are an integral part of the company’s new, more appealing store design.

“Our new look is designed to open up the shop front to enhance the visibility of the range of merchandise,” he explains.

“The idea is to ensure that people walking past can see the visual merchandising from outside the store and are attracted inside.”

Initiated to increase foot traffic in 7 Eleven stores, the new look gives the stores a much stronger visual identity by enabling customers to see inside to the colour and activity.

Geoff says DORMA’s automatic sliders have been utilised for several key reasons.

“Obviously, aesthetics are important – the products we utilise need to look good - but equally important are reliability and serviceability. And we know absolutely that we’re going to get that support from DORMA.”

4000 DORMA sliding door operators have been installed in retail outlets around Australia. Along with 7 Eleven, other big names in retail that rely on DORMA include Big W, Target, Kmart, Safeway and Bi-Lo.

Since mid-2006, such retailers have benefited from the advanced functionality of DORMA’s newly-released EL301 automatic slider.

Launched after extensive research and development, the DORMA EL301 has been purpose-designed for local conditions. The Australian-built product - which replaces DORMA’s EL300 offers a host of benefits.

The 01 motor is engineered to operate automatic doors of up to 400kgs and its locking functions are provided by an electric lock and digital encoder incorporated in the motor.

The EL301 meets all current and suggested Australian Standards and Building Codes and its special features are enhanced by the product’s robust construction and DORMA’s reliability.