The launch of the VIDS at Royal Melbourne Hospital in September has utilised the ground breaking technology of a positive vacuum airlock system. The positive vacuum airlock system incorporates DORMA’s versatile automatic door operators with CleanScan actuation.

The positive vacuum airlock system technology allows a practitioner to pass through the first sliding door without making contact with it and de-robe while enclosed in an air-locked chamber. An air vacuum depressurises the room to sterilise the air before the practitioner passes through an automated swing door to treat the patient in their room.

DORMA Automatics supplied and commissioned nine EL301 sliding doors and nine ED200 swing door operators that are interfaced and compliant with the complex air lock requirements of the new ward.

With the professional management of Garry Quigley throughout the six week project, DORMA successfully worked in conjunction with Seelite Windows and Doors to achieve a terrific end result.

The launch was also the culmination of extensive efforts by the DORMA Service and Commissioning team who contributed greatly to the overall success of this state of the art facility.