DORMA Australia  products offer long-lasting performance and use minimal forms for sustainability. DORMA Australia’s manufacturing techniques and processes are designed to minimise impact on the environment. A recent internal survey undertaken by five state offices highlighted the recycle, re-use and reduce philosophy.

Kevin Nash, State Manager at DORMA Australia’s Western Australian office and factory, has been spearheading the company’s commitment to be green.

According to Kevin, everything that passes through the building has a designated path for recycling. Aluminium and batteries from old automatic door operators are sold and salvaged by a local scrap metal merchant, and the timber pallets and packing crates containing new hardware are collected by a timber yard for re-use.

All DORMA Australia’s cardboard and paper packaging is placed in a skip that is regularly collected by a paper recycling depot, and any plastics and shredded documents are placed in the Council recycling bins, which are collected fortnightly. For DORMA Australia, recycling waste is a part of operating an efficient facility.