Specifying the right architectural door hardware products and accessories is a highly specialised and scarce skill.

It requires in depth understanding about building regulations and the choice of products available; and how different environments and users have different door access needs.

DORMA’s  team of specification professionals is available to write door hardware schedules without cost or obligation.

Andy Jones, Head of Division, Door Control, has seen an increasing number of architects use this service. He says: “Architects can trust that our specification will be accurate and reliable, and that regulations and deadlines will be adhered to.”

“Ultimately, having DORMA writing a door hardware schedule can save an architect a considerable amount of time and unnecessary cost.”

Inaccurate specification can have large cost implications, particularly if products have to be replaced at a later stage.

“By getting involved at an early design stage, DORMA specifiers are able to offer expert advice on both functional and design-related issues to ensure that the design works structurally. Once the architect plans are complete, a hardware specification is put together taking into account numerous regulations and requirements,” explains Andy Jones.

Adhering to multiple needs
The task of specification is lengthy and complex: every access point within a project must adhere to the Building Code of Australia, industry standards and fire codes.

Additional considerations include security issues, mechanical factors, disability and aged care access, egress requirements (exits where factors such as the width of an opening vary from building to building), environmental and ‘green’ building demands.

Each access point will comprise a variety of moving parts including lock, lever, door handle, door control device, floor spring and more – all of which need to be itemised and coded on a door by door basis.

DORMA’s team of specifiers have a good knowledge of not only DORMA Door Control products but also ancillary and other manufacturers’ products, in order to provide a complete hardware specification.