The DORMA Agile 50 from DORMA Australia is a track for glass sliding door systems. The Agile 50 is a tiny door track with the dimension of 49 mm in height and 46 mm in width for ceiling, wall and side screen applications. Additionally the DORMA Agile 50 has all the operational equipment integrated into it. The only thing visible on the tracking sytem is a simple yet intricately designed profile.

This feature allows the Agile 50 glass door track from DORMA is free of cover sections usually required by most door tracking systems. The track has great stability and torsion stiffness enhancing its quality and durability. The Agile 50 track system is also highly versatile as it can be fixed at the wall and to the ceiling. The door track comes in a range of styles including anodised finishes and RAL colours.

Features of the DORMA AGILE 50 glass door track include:

  • Minimal gap
  • Sophisticated track roller technology
  • Reliable stop
  • Elegant floor guide
  • Versatility
  • No glass preparation
  • Long service life
  • Modular system