Doric Products offers a wide range of door and window hardware products, including the Sterling Series window locks.

The Sterling window locks range includes the double hung sash lock, sliding window lock, and keyed casement fastener.

The double hung sash lock includes a selection of purpose keepers that are specifically designed for integration with single and double glazed windows. The design incorporates a screw and bushing type pivot assembly. To ensure the best possible fixing on a double hung window the screw locations are located back towards the centre of the window’s meeting rails.

The sliding window lock is a lockable latch which is designed to be surface mounted onto the window. The window lock features a functional handle design and complementary keepers.

The keyed casement fastener is designed with both function and aesthetics in mind. It has a sleek contemporary design that will not overlap the glass when in the closed position, meaning it will not obstruct the view. The screw fixing locations are positioned to compliment modern weather seal locations.

Additional information on the Sterling window lock range is available from Doric Products.