Now available from Doric Products , a revolution in window hardware allows one MK4 Chainwinder to be used on all applications and sizes. The new revolutionary base allows for one MK 4 Chainwinder to fit all openings, reducing unnecessary on site stock holdings.

The new MK 4 Chainwinder with fold away lever with simple push button action eliminates transit damage and offers reliable, smooth lever action, sleek contemporary styling and exceptional durability.

The MK 4 Chainwinder, Winner of the “Most Innovative Component” at the 2009 AWA Design Awards, has 3 key elements that make it standout from its competitors.

Corrosion Resistance:

  • The MK4 Chainwinder range has a lifetime warranty against corrosion on body and base 
  • The MK4 Chainwinder uses Polesium material as standard, providing complete protection against corrosion 
  • Exceeds the AS2333.1 neutral spray test standard of 720 hours (on Stainless steel chain option). 
  • Stainless Steel fixings as standard 
  • Zinc passivated internals 
  • Elimination of potential damage to window sill
One-Size fits all: 

  • The MK4 Chainwinder’s revolutionary base incorporates a ‘removable clip’ allowing ONE MK4 Chainwinder to fit all window openings 
  • ONE MK4 Chainwinder fits all industry openings of full (280mm), 150mm and 100mm openings 
  • The MK4 Chainwinder removes the need for fabricators to stock multiple winders
Chainwinder Rating: 

  • MK4 Chainwinder has a 30kg weight rating and is tested to 30,000 cycles full loaded 
  • MK4 Chainwinder is tested to 2500 pascals of negative pressure. A strength test that shows the force load a Chainwinder can sustain 
  • Testing undertaken by NATA accredited facility 
  • Exceeds the AWA ICP requirements of 96hours