Available from Doric Products , DS2200 sliding door locks use a unique multipoint locking system that offers flexible security options.

As a stand alone product, DS2200 sliding door locks are a durable and reliable locking mechanism. When used in conjunction with the Doric DS2266 slave kits, these sliding door locks can be custom fitted to provide multipoint locking, offering increased security as well as peace of mind.

Features and advantages of DS2200 sliding door locks include: 

  • Easy fit multipoint system allowing for faster, easier fitting and more flexible machining requirements 
  • Twin point locking for increased security and a thrown bolt locking system 
  • Chrome plated lock body and keeper offer total corrosion resistance as well as ensuring long working life 
  • Snib function that works on all points of locking, compared to other snib functions that only operate the centre lock.
  • 316 grade stainless steel keeper tongues are used for increased strength, durability and corrosion resistance
These sliding door locks exceed the Australian and New Zealand Standard AS2803:1999 requirements.

Technical specifications of DS2200 sliding door locks include: 

  • A combined Polesium and die cast zinc lock body with stainless steel tongue offering superior corrosion resistance
  • C4 and disc cylinder options. Disc cylinders come standard and Doric One Key solutions are compatible
DS2200 door locks are available in a satin black finish.