Doric Products ’ Maxim Chainwinder was recognised for excellence in design when it received the prestigious Australian Window Association (AWA) design award for ‘Most Innovative Component’ at the 2009 awards dinner, held in Adelaide on August 12.    

The Maxim Chainwinder secured victory over its competitors thanks to its high level of corrosion resistance, ease of adjustability for users, and innovative qualities allowing it to solve a range of industry problems using just the one product.  

Nigel Long, General Manager of Doric Products said ‘Doric is delighted to receive the AWA award for the most innovative component for 2009.’  

The Australian Window Association (AWA) conference was held in Adelaide from August 10-12 2009 at the Adelaide Convention Centre hosting 300 fenestration delegates from around Australia. 

Design features of the Maxim Chainwinder  

  • Lifetime warranty for corrosion on body and base  
  • Maxim Chainwinder reduces stock holdings with ease of adjustment through a ‘break out’ clip on the base, allowing for one standard chainwinder to be kept on stock to fit all openings  
  • 30kg weight rating and tested to 30 000 fully loaded cycles  
  • Tested to 2500 pascals of negative pressure  
  • Complies with AS2333.3.1 neutral spray test standard of 720 hours

The Maxim Chainwinder uses Polesium material as standard and after testing, the Maxim Chainwinder showed no signs of corrosion on body or base.  

The Maxim Chainwinder is also now available in ‘T3 standard’, a newly developed standard for highly corrosive environments. Doric’s new ‘T3 standard’ Maxim Chainwinder will offer protection in excess of 1000 hours of neutral spray exposure, which compares more than favourably with the industry standard of 240 hours.