Available from Doric Products , the DC8800 heavy duty commercial door closer was developed to provide the door control market with a concealed transom for both timber and metal applications.

With a cast iron body, steel cams and pistons, cast steel arms with zinc pressure cast bottom pivots, the DC8800 heavy duty concealed transom door closer is suitable for installation on metal, glass, or timber doors in both internal and external locations.

The closing forces of these heavy duty concealed transom door closers varies depending on the width of the door, the valve adjustment, and the surrounding air flow conditions, but they will be from approximately 16Nm to 33Nm.

These concealed transom door closers are controlled by two independent valves that provide hydraulic control from 130º of closing range and 15º of latching. Both are fully adjustable after installation backcheck is set.

The bottom pivots on the DC8800 heavy duty commercial door closer are height adjustable from 31.5mm to 58.5mm, while the standard pivot point is 70mm and features a 100kg bearing rating. The standard arm is fully adjustable to achieve a vertically square swing, as well as adjustment to centralise the closed position.

If the DC8800 heavy duty concealed transom door closer is going to be used for an internal door it is suggested that a door closer one size smaller should be installed, and for doors in severe drafts, a closer one size larger should be installed. It is also very important to always use a door stop to prevent the closer mounting from damage and the closer opening beyond its templated limit.