A new initiative from Dorf aims to tap into the minds of some of Australia’s most creative thinkers and stimulate an innovative design collaboration.

Dorf tapware has inspired several creative minds to express their personal style throughout the iconic brand’s 60-year history. Similarly, Dorf’s tapware designs have been inspired by the creativity of individuals across a diverse range of industries. This creative exchange is now being recognised with the Dorf + Creative Collaboration Series.

The Dorf + Creative Collaboration Series will profile a range of Australia’s most innovative creatives, from interior designers and stylists to photographers, illustrators and product designers with each participant in the series setting out to produce a signature piece of work inspired by a chosen Dorf product.

This creative collaboration will launch with Natalie Walton, a leading Sydney stylist and writer who has worked with well-known Australian brands such as Freedom, Harvey Norman and Optus, and whose work has been featured in Australia’s premier interior and lifestyle magazines.

Natalie’s interest in storytelling inspired two substantially different works, drawing inspiration from the more traditional Dorf Manor House range and the contemporary Myriad Cross range. She explained that she wanted to maintain Dorf’s values about simplicity and timelessness when creating these spaces.

To launch this month, the Dorf + Creative Collaboration Series is a fusion of cutting-edge tapware design and unbridled creativity, and will unfold strikingly imaginative work that will be promoted by Dorf through a variety of traditional and social media channels.