Door Closer Specialist  distributes Ryobi Door Closing systems for all types of commercial doors. The 2550 series door closer and the heavy duty 3550 series door closer create a consistent architectural look for all your doors.

With power adjustable spring strength on both door closer models and adjustable backcheck function these two door closers will combine to provide a cost effective way to establish reliable door control on all types of doors.

Used in commercial buildings, schools, universities, hotels, apartments and in your home for swimming pool safety compliance. Door Closer specialist has been servicing Ryobi products in the Melbourne area for over 25 years.

Architectural finishes to suit your project are readily available. For both commercial doors and residential Doors there is a wide range of options including slim line and slide arm door closers.

Both the 2550 and the 3550 Ryobi Door Closers are power adjustable to cater for light weight doors and heavy duty applications.

Door Closer Specialist has been selling and servicing these products also for many years and there for has the knowledge of all the products available.