Door Closer Specialist  have a range of pivots and closing systems available for pivot doors, frameless doors, frameless glass pivot doors and pivot entry doors.

Pivot doors from Door Closer Specialist create a modern look, giving an open and wider looking entry door to the home. As an alternative to a hinge door a pivoting door offers a floor to ceiling appearance.

Door Closer Specialist sells pivots for frameless doors and concealed doors, to suit single acting doors or double acting doors that open both ways.

Concealed floor mounted door closers are ideal for heavier pivoting doors, while concealed overhead transom closers put the closing system into the ceiling or door frame above the door.

Door Closer Specialist knows all the available pivot systems including Dorma pivots, Lockwood pivots, and Door Closers for pivot doors, and can help choose the right pivoting system and supply it straight away so a door can be built to suit the system chosen.