Available from Door Closer Specialist , Inventco sliding door closers are commonly known as Water Door Closers and provide a controlled self closing action for sliding security screen doors. 

Doors will never be left open again and will keep flies and mosquitoes out.    

Features of Inventco sliding door closers include:

  • Available in a variety of colors to blend into the door frame 
  • Contains only one wearing part and will offer years of maintenance free service 
  • Extra weights available for slightly heavier doors 
  • Ideal for DIY installation on light weight screen doors. 
  • Safe, smooth and quiet closing action 
  • Unobtrusive on doors, surface mounted and easy to install

As a self closing system, Inventco sliding door closers can also be adapted to cavity sliding doors and sometimes used for swimming pool safety doors. This is dependant on local council regulations for self closing and self latching requirements.

More information on sliding door closers can be obtained from Door Closer Specialist.