Dorma delayed action door closers are available from Door Closer Specialist in a number of models.

Door Closers with a delayed action feature can be set to slow the closing cycle or hold the door in the open position for a pre-set amount of time. A simple valve adjustment allows extra time for passage through the doorway.

Delayed action door closers are ideal for a wide range of applications including:

  • Disabled access doors
  • Hospital beds and equipment
  • Postal trolleys and delivery people
  • Mothers with prams
  • Personnel with luggage or bulky items
  • Staff with tea trolleys
There are a number of different products available for situations where doors need to be light weight and have a delayed closing action to comply with Australian disability requirements. These products include manual hydraulic door closers to fully automated swing door operators.

Additional information on Dorma, Geze, and Ryobi delayed action door closers is available from Door Closer Specialist.