Requiring little maintenance, Donaldson Australasia’s TTD huff n puff system is designed to help turbines and generators operate anywhere in dusty deserts, urban/factory areas, on the coast, or even in frosty conditions.

A reverse pulse of air, back through its vertically mounted filters, knocks off accumulated dirt, dust, larger particulate, and even frost before these can penetrate the filter core.

Filters last longer, and the system requires little maintenance because it effectively self-cleans, thus avoiding problems such as premature blade fouling.

Depending on airflow requirements, filter cartridges, mounted vertically, are available with one level of filter elements for airflow up to 79,000 cfm/ 2237 m3/min, or with several filter levels to accommodate larger airflow.

As with all Donaldson filtration systems, the TTD filter cartridges can be provided with a range of media types: synthetic fibres that are sturdy, durable, and moisture resistant, Duratek, a synthetic and natural fibre blend (lower pressure airflows) with good dust holding capacity, and moisture resistance, and cellulose, natural fibres that stop a range of particulate sizes.

Where fine dust (smaller than 5 microns) is a problem, Donaldson spider-web can be a solution: where a layer of fine-fibre technology catches such fine particulate before it reaches the media substrate.

Donaldson Australasia’s spider-web is an easily recognisable bright blue that can be fitted over Donaldson’s synthetic or Duratek media.

Donaldson Australasia’s GDX is an advanced variation of the TTD system. GDX is a compact, modular system using layered downward airflow over banks of paired filter cartridges (mounted horizontally), and incorporating the highly efficient fine-fibre spider-web technology over the filter media.

GDX provides good filtration efficiency for turbines with operating airflows of 80,000 to 1.2 million cfm / 2237 to 33557 m3/min.

The system’s design supports many inlet enhancements such as moisture separators, acoustic hoods, an evaporative cooler or chiller coils, and anti-icing systems.

For smaller turbines requiring airflow less than 79,000 cfm/ 2237 m3/min, GDX maintains all the high-performance characteristics of the larger model, but with fewer filter cartridges.

Donaldson Australasia’s TTD and GDX ensure the wide choice of media and system specifications to meet the dust related demands of harsh environments.