Domo Collection at Grange  introduces a new range of enchanting collectable art for the modern home.

The new Sid Dickens Memory Blocks Collection of Curiosities is a limited collection of handcrafted and hand painted tiles available in store now.

The Collection of Curiosities includes the limited edition tile, An Angel’s Message (T-277) for those looking to add to their unique collection in the lead-up to Christmas.

Handmade in Canada since 1995, these collectable tiles are released twice a year as a limited collection.

Memory Blocks provide a contemporary style of decorating, which is affordable, movable and desirable. Suitable for display as a single piece or as a set, one can start with a single tile and build up a collection progressively.

Carefully handcrafted using Hydrostone plaster, each tile is then hand-painted, different finishes applied followed by silver and gold leafing by hand, and completed by staining the tiles to create an aged look.

The beautiful range of Sid Dickens Memory Blocks is on display at any DOMO showroom.