Domo Collection at Grange  has presented Dedon’s 2008 furniture range including three innovative new collections.

Dedon continues to combine high-quality furniture with stunning designs from Europe’s leading designers.

The Dedon’s 2008 furniture range also features exciting new finishes for established collections including Hemisphere, Orbit, Panama and Obelisk.


Phoenix embodies a design contradiction of straight lines and curved finishes, creating a soft, minimalistic style.

Phoenix reveals a new aspect from every angle – concave, convex, complex – and is designed for a seating experience with a perfect fit.


Spa fuses form and function, providing comfort through its concave design. The Asian-style aesthetic uses clear lines aimed to calm the body and the soul.

This modular setting includes dining and lounge furniture.


Zofa is ultra modern, featuring sharp lines and clean design for urban living.

Inspired by a metropolitan skyline, different modules create an appearance of hovering seats and can be linked together in various formations.

Zofa is available in carbon or chalk finish.