Doctor Damp  is a company which specialises in offering home ventilation products and solutions. Doctor Damp offers sub floor ventilation solutions and ceiling ventilation solutions. Doctor Damp offers sub floor ventilation products, ceiling ventilation solutions and roof ventilation solutions. Doctor Damp offers long term ventilation solutions against termite infestation, rotting timbers, mould and odour. The sub floor ventilation from Doctor Damp helps greatly in offering a health environment thereby reducing subsequent health related problems. Doctor Damp, a specialist in sub floor ventilation also offers sub floor ventilation fans. The fans offered by Doctor Damp for ventilation provides high air flow with low power consumption and reduced noise.

Doctor Damp also offers customised ventilation solutions for under floor areas which are too restrictive. Doctor Damp installs ducted exhausted fan for putting off moisture and dampness in the roof space. One of the projects under taken by Doctor Damp includes the installation of ventilators on the client’s warehouse to cool the environment during summer. The system has also generated consistent air flow in the large space available in the client’s storage room.