DMG Industries  is one of the leading company, which engages itself in tool making and custom moulding business. DMG Industries is an ISO 9001 and QS 9000 certified company. DMG Industries which engages itself in custom moulding business is also a manufacturer as well as a supplier. For providing clients with uninterrupted service, DMG Industries adopts Just In Time (JIT) practises and Toyota Production System (TPS) and there by to provide maximum efficiency for its automotive customers. DMG Industries makes use of the latest CAD/CAM technology to develop prototype of types of the products and to ensure fast and efficient manufacturing and delivery process.

DMG Industries involves itself in product developments and tool making business, injection and blow moulding business, painting and chrome plating business. DMG Industries also supplies high quality bathroom fitting, kitchenware and laundry products under the brand name Milena.

DMG Industries supplies its products to multinational companies in automotive to hardware and accessories to home ware. DMG Industries client base include Toyo Tyre, Isuzu, Toyota, Ford, and Proton. DMG Industries also manufactures and supplies its products to Tradelink, Reece, GM Holden, Bunnings and GM Holden's.