DMF International  have been supplying Visiflex Strip Curtains for many years, for various applications including warehouses, commercial kitchens, laboratories, processing rooms, freezers and coolrooms.

The Visiflex Strip Curtains are suitable for protecting a working environment from dust, temperature or noise, in which there is a lot of traffic flow. They are custom made to size and can suit unlimited width and heights up to about 8m.

With a variety of strip widths and thicknesses, together with choice of overlap, DMF International can manufacture a Visiflex to suit any application.

DMF International can also manufacture Visiflex Strip Curtain that slides or concertines open, to minimise traffic contact with the PVC strip. The Auto BiFlex door from DMF International is an automated version of an opening Visiflex.

All DMF strip PVC is HACCP Aust endorsed, and DMF International can supply and install throughout Australia, through their agents.