DMF International presents their Series RL3000 rapid auto roll doors, which offers an option of single phase or 3 phase power supply.

The Series RL3000 provides variety of options to suit a range of requirements and applications including variable speed control, soft start and soft stop of the door panel, battery backup for power loss situations and dual opening height settings.

Features of the Series RL3000 rapid auto roll doors:

  • Door panel manufactured in polyester reinforced fire retardant PVC, in a range of colours, and with a full clear vision section
  • Door columns in anodised aluminium with full brush sealing
  • Aluminium wind rails for support
  • Safety features including In-line safety PE beam and pressure sensitive bottom rail
  • Option of flexible bottom rail which enhances pedestrian safety and forklift knock-out
  • Door speeds up to 1.5m/sec with right conditions
  • Sizes up to 6m high x 6m wide
  • Many options of control and operation, including airlocks, integration with equipment, security access
  • Full range of door control options
DMF International is a dedicated flexible door manufacturer, for alternative models or door options visit their website for details.