Now stocked by DMF International , Series 4000 rapid auto roll doors have been designed to be back in operation within seconds of accidental impact, reducing downtime and repair costs.

These heavy duty doors are capable of accommodating large openings up to 25 square metres, and are fitted with a unique counter balance system that ensures total control.

Panels are manufactured from durable, low porous Duraskin which, in combination with aluminium wind rails, ensures these auto roll doors can withstand strong winds.

A zinc plated and powder coated finish delivers strong corrosion resistant properties.

The control system employed by these doors runs on a three phase power supply, offering a range of safety and programmable features that allows users to customise operation to suit their specific installation requirements.

Series 4000 doors are suitable for a range of applications, including use in freezers with an operating temperature down to -35ºC.