DMF International recently installed their rapid roll screen doors at a large packaging company in western Sydney to prevent the entry of birds and other vermin in a sensitive area of the facility. The brief also sought a solution that would maintain some ventilation in the enclosed area.

DMF installed their Series RL3000E rapid roll doors featuring an Airflex panel for ventilation. The panel is made from polyester reinforced PVC, and has an open aperture of 3mm x 3mm; the panel can also be supplied with a smaller size aperture.

The fast action of the rapid roll door accommodates traffic movements through the opening. The doors are also fitted with audible alarms to further assist in preventing bird entry during the opening cycle. The Series RL3000E rapid roll doors were manufactured to fit an opening measuring about 5mH x 5mW; however, DMF can customise these doors to fit openings up to 6mH x 7.5mW.

Rapid roll screen doors are increasingly being specified for commercial facilities requiring better control against vermin entry through their large doorways. Part of DMF’s suite of high speed doors, these rapid roll doors come with full safety features as standard, and are backed by a service network that covers most areas of Australia.